Всё о Финляндии

Everything about Finland

The site www.intofinland.ru was created by a few Finnish companies in order to provide information to all Russians who love Finland, live in Finland or are only planing to move here, for tourists coming to Finland, for people who want to work or study in Finland, and for people who want to start their own business in Finland.

This site is for all who seek credible information about Finland in Russian language!

From us you will learn how to move to Finland, how to start a company here, how to find a job and a place to study, how to travel in Finland, where to eat, where to stay, what to see and where to go with children, and of course what life is like here! You will find that information in the outspoken writings of our bloggers. We have a few dozen of bloggers writing their articles, opinion pieces, notes, and posts on our site, as well as posting photographs and videos. Their stories with help you understand Finland from the inside, and learn more about it than you could using only official sources. Anyone who wants to write about Finland can become a blogger on our site.

What makes our site unique:

  • Our site www.intofinland.ru has gathered a large amount of information about moving to Finland, studying and working here, and settling in Finland.
  • All the information on this site has been found, collected, and checked using personal experiences, and has been translated from official sources with the aid of translators, lawyers, economists, and simply wonderful people who work with our site.
  • The site is regularly renewed and updated, there is new material and articles every day.
    You can take part in building or developing our site, ask questions, or propose cooperation.

We are open to everyone!

Our site is one of the most popular resources among the Russian-speaking community in Finland, and we are widely known in Russia.

If you want to place ads for your company on our site, exchange banners, offer help with information, or support our projects, we will be very happy!

Write to info@intofinland.ru in English, Russian, or Finnish, and we will be sure to answer!




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